Harvest Festival

Hello Everyone,
As planned we will have our annual harvest festival on 9/24/2017. I am attaching the invitation for the festival. Please pray and participate for the success of this. We will also have food for sale so if anyone could please volunteer to bring in food items, it would be greatly appreciated.

As of now we have decided of the following items.

Chicken Biriyani
Kappa with beef or fish curry

We are still looking for volunteers so please contact me or Shibu Joseph or reply to this email. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

As of now the following members have agreed to bring in:

John Thomas-1/2 tray Fish curry
Abey Koshy-1/2 tray Fish curry
Shibu Joseph- I tray chicken biriyani
Daniel Easo-1 tray idli
John Jacob-5 packs of water and soda
Lizy Varghese-1/2 tray kappa/1 tray vada
Biju Varghese- 1 tray chicken biriyani/1/2 tray salad

John Jacob

Harvest Festival Church.docx