Chain Prayer for Hurricane

Hello Everyone,
As sent earlier the chain prayer will be as follows:-


5pm to 5:20pm-M.V. Koshy and family
5:20pm to 5:40pm-Vincent Mathew(Vincent and Jaisy) and family
5:40pm to 6pm-John Jacob and family
6pm to 6:20pm-George Samuel(Jogy) and family
6:20pm to 6:40pm-Saji Johnson and family
6:40pm to 7pm-Jiji Varghese and family
7pm to 7:20pm
7:20pm to 7:40pm-Mariamma Abraham and family
7:40pm to 8pm-Shaji Johnson and family
8pm to 8:20pm-Shibu Joseph and family
8:20pm to 8:40pm-George Abraham(Aji) and family
8:40pm to 9pm-Dani Abraham and family
9pm to 9:20pm-Abraham Kalathil and family
9:20pm to 9:40pm
9:40pm to 10pm


7am to 7;20am-Thomas Varghese and family(Kunjumon)
7:20am to 7:40am
7:40am to 8am
8am to 8:20am-M.V.Koshy and family
8:20am to 8:40am
8:40am to 9am-Dani Abraham
9am to 9:20am
9:20am to 9:40am
9:40am to 10am

Please respond to schedule a time. I have made some minor changes as those times were taken I moved it to the next time slot. Thank you all for your support and cooperation. For any further times please contact Shaji Johnson.

John Jacob