8 February, 2017 15:49

Dear Members,

See below is the email from our Youth Group in regards to the parish directory they are trying to put up.
You can reply email to stlukesyouth1 or this parish email to set up your time to take the family pic or you may speak with one of the youth members directly in church to sign up.


Hello All,

As announced on Sunday, we will be starting a church photo directory project this week. The purpose is two reasons – to fundraise for the upcoming Youth Conference in August and to provide something to the church on behalf of the youth as a thank you for the continued support from all the families.

The youth will be taking pictures of all the family members at church during the next few Saturdays and Sundays from now until April. ALL families are requested to sign up below to have pictures taken for the directory, regardless of whether they are purchasing a book. Please visit the church website link below for a calendar of available appointments as well as rates:


Any questions or appointment requests can also be sent to us via stlukesyouth1, or you may reply to this email.

Thanks again for all your time and cooperation to help make this project a success!

Youth Exec